How to Make Smoothies with Kids

Published: 17th April 2012
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The first item you want to engage in when you are cooking in the kitchen is to be organized. I usually do a swift inspect to produce sure that all kitchen knives, scissers, or even everything sharp are entirely positioned apart outside of touch. Numerous young children, specifically small people - need especially very little to be patient, so When i test to have the components around in addition to calculated just before they show up inside the cooking area. This saves all involved with being uninterested in addition to itís a lot quicker just for me to do by personally.

One single thing that young children can certainly help you with is dumping the materials into the blender or food processor. I constantly preserve that for them to do. I actually also think that letting children assistance and be an active participant in food prep raises the probability in which that they may like the product as well as try eating it, it doesn't matter what all of us are creating.

Here are the stuff that you will need to have:


Specific Spatula

Smoothie Ingredients

Crushed ice



Food color * Additional

Blender or food processor

A food processor or blender is just what you may utilize to actually combine all of your materials. Blenders can certainly span when it comes to price everywhere from $10 - $1000 nonetheless you actually could use almost any mixer as long as your own materials get put together together. The mixer I actually use is a Oster 18-Speed which has a good ice-cubes crusher. The Vitamix is regarded to be the greatest blender or food processor on the market place, and could be a worthy investment if you prepare on making drinks regularly.

Pointed Spatula

I personally utilise it to be able to scrape all the way down the sides during blended (if necessary) and also to get all the juice smoothie out involving your blender while Iím concluded working. The spatula I use is merely a basic 1 - I really feel it came via QVC.

Smoothie Contents

This varies greatly on what kind of healthy morning shake you are attempting to make. A person can use fresh or frozen ingredients. Fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, and bananas are very popular for smoothies. Green smoothies are growing in popularity. Green smoothies are made by using vegetables such as baby spinach, celery, and cucumbers. Most smoothies are made with a liquid ingredient as well. You can easily use whole milk, fresh fruits juice, or perhaps yogurt as your liquid ingredient. I get most of my juice smoothie ingredients from the local groceries stores here (Lowes Foods, Food Lion, and Whole Foods), and I use a combination of fresh, seasonal and frozen ingredients.


Adding a little bit of ice to the blender during the shake process will keep your smoothie cooler longer - which is always a good thing. As smoothies warm to room temperature they can separate and be less visually appealing.


You can use a regular cup, insulated cup, or traveling cup depending upon when and where you plan on drinking your healthy smoothie. In the Summer, it's possible you'll opt for an insulated cup to be able to help keep your shake cold, or perhaps you might want to use a travel mug if you drink your breakfast healthy morning shake in the car. Children also like fun straws to drink their smoothies! I like to use a Tervis Tumblers because they are double wall insulated and donít sweat, but I use my own straws that I get at the us dollar shop or Walmart. Reusable straws just get far too dirty for me.


Boys and girls are able to make a mess! Kids can put on a local store bought or handmade apron or even an artists smock to keep their apparel thoroughly clean.

Foods Colour : (Recommended)

The use of food coloring can help make certain drinks a lot more desirable to young girls and boys. Simply be cautious to be aware of your shade wheel - because no 1 wants to drink a dark brown healthy smoothie!

Heather documents her smoothie experiments at her website,Fruit Smoothie Recipes for Kids

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